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This page provides reference to all supported OS installers for Trim-Slice. Supported operating systems are:

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3)
  • Ubuntu Natty (11.04)

Ubuntu Installer

Ubuntu Natty (11.04)


Change Log

Release date: 16-Apr-2012

  • migration to L4T 3.1.10 kernel


Change Log

Release date: 23-Jan-2012

  • migration to Android 2.6.36 kernel


Change Log

Release date: 17-Jul-2011

  • migration to L4T kernel

Beta Drops


Change Log

Release date: 26-Aug-2012

  • added native DVI resolution support
  • added EDID support for DVI port
  • added rtl8168d firmware blobs to kernel tree
  • fixed kernel compilation issue
  • included support for rt53xx devices

Ubuntu Precise (12.04)


Change Log

Release date: 21-Oct-2012

Android Installer

Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)


Change Log

Release date: 30-Sep-2012

  • Stable Wi-Fi support.
  • Fixed some wired network bugs that resolve occassional inability to download items from the market.
  • Storage item in Android Settings does not crash anymore, rather shows relevant status information.
  • Auto-mount of USB-sticks and SD-cards works to the extent of the original Android design, i.e. only first valid FAT-32 partition is mounted.
Admolition note.png It is still possible to mount any file-system supported by the Linux kernel via command-line console.
  • Trim-Slice now mostly supports the Android Over-The-Air Update mechanism.
  • Added support for analog/digital audio output select via kernel bootargs switch.
Admolition note.png
sets default output to HDMI audio.
  • Added support for graceful shut-down that is triggered by Trim-Slice power button press.
  • Added support for the new installer that allows to change the default partition size.
Admolition note.png It is recommended to set 'data' partition to reasonably large value to maximize the space for Android applications.
  • Fixed occasional failure in accessing built-in SSD (SanDisk).


Change Log

Release date: 20-Apr-2012

  • improved Wi-Fi interface stability
    • Wi-Fi interface can be restarted


Change Log

Release date: 16-Apr-2012

  • based on public nVidia Android ICS 4.0.3 release
  • added internal Wi-Fi support for Trim-Slice
  • migration to Android 2.6.39 kernel
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