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 New Android release available 
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Post New Android release available
New Android image with support for installations over SSD and a number of known issues fixes has been released. Images and detailed release notes are available at Instructions at have been updated accordingly.

Igor Vaisbein
Utilite Product Manager


Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:07 am

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Post Re: New Android release available
igorv wrote:
New Android image with support for installations over SSD and a number of known issues fixes has been released. Images and detailed release notes are available at Instructions at have been updated accordingly.

I have tried to run the latest Android image on my Utilite Pro. Installed it on
two different SD-cards after checking the image integrity with md5sum.

The image is basically unusable! Here are the issues I found so far:

* It takes > 80s to start
* Ethernet does not work at all.
* Wifi connects to the AP but I get no internet access.
* Slow performance - basically every action I take will result in a "action x" is not responding prompt.

Sadly I feel that you are about to drop the ball with this product due to poor software quality. This is very sad given that the hardware is really nice.

Utilite was launched several months ago and it is based on a module that you have already had in stock: the FX6 board.
How come that you have not managed to deliver either a Linux distribution or an Android install of production level quality yet?
The Ubuntu image seems a lot better, but it is still based on a very old BSP without even hard float support.

I know that there are general problems with this platformed caused by Freescale's slow progress, but other vendors of imx.6 boards seem to be able to do a lot better. For instance, your fellow countrymen at CuBox, have managed to deliver an Android 4.3 image for their platform.
As of now, my Utilite is quite underutilized as I have only been able to find an acceptable OS in Arch Linux which does not yet support video acceleration etc, limiting my use of the box to a headless NFS server/ Wifi extender.

I feel that it is time for an update about the general plans for the software development on your platform. What is being done to get better Linux support like mainline kernel integration etc. Also, how are you approaching Freescale about these issues?
It would also be nice to know what we can do to help.

To concertize I feel that what needs to be done very soon is:

* Move away from 3.0.35 based BSPs and strive for mainline kernel support for as much of the hardware as possible.

* Integrate imx vpu drivers in the mainline trees of gstreamer and XBMC.

* Fix and Android 4.3 or 4.4 based image of production level quality.

Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:48 pm
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Post Re: New Android release available
Hello Johan,

First I wish to say that I appreciate your feed-back and think that you are quite correct with the points you have raised as necessary future development steps.
While there is definitely quite a lot of work ahead, I do feel that the overall situation is not as grim as you describe. As you have touched quite a few different aspects, I will try to comment on most of them:

Ubuntu Linux status
As Utilite is a general purpose computer and not a DIY development board (like many of the other i.MX6 products out there), our general approach to Linux development for this product was first to enable maximal feature coverage (even if that comes on the expense of using the latest kernel) and only after that to focus on migration to the mainline kernel. When we began with Linux development for CM-FX6 (and Utilite after that) newer kernels were lacking significant features - mainly VPU and GPU support. Even newer Freescale BSP's were found to introduce regressions and instabilities on support for these features. That is the main reason 3.0.35 has been selected. We have tested at least 3-4 Ubuntu builds used by i.MX6 community boards and not one of these builds included proper support for both OpenGL-ES and accelerated video playback in the same build. To ensure these features (which we consider to be essential for this product) are supported we have invested significant development effort in building Ubuntu from scratch. As with the latest Ubuntu release we have achieved pretty much full feature coverage we are refocusing on bringing mainline kernel support.

Linux development plans
Our current goals are to enable newer U-Boot (with DTS) and mainline kernel support. There are already patches adding basic support for Utilite, pending merge in the next merge window:;a=commit;h=95f7e8a387c84c3b4e07e1579daefbb61bc1096b.
EDIT: Looks like there might be an issue with the link above. Just in case -

We are currently working on adding mainline support for additional features. It looks like there is a good chance that with the recent developments in the mainline kernel for i.MX6, getting VPU support should be quite straight-forward.

Android status
Android 4.0.4 has been selected as at least up until two-three months ago newer 4.3 BSP's from Freescale suffered from severe instability issues. It is possible that things have improved with the more recent Freescale releases.
To address your specific feed-back on the recent Android release:
  • Performance and boot time - both are most likely to be caused by SD card issues. Running Android from SSD shows an all-around very significant improvement in performance and responsiveness. I do recommend trying that out before making your final judgement. However, it does seem that with SD cards performance should be better (especially, since we now have the SSD tests for reference). It is likely that this can be resolved with smarter storage / RAM management and is not related to the overall quality of the build. We will continue to investigate that.
  • Ethernet - I do believe that Ethernet has been validated during beta testing. Will have to check internally and follow-up.
  • WiFi has been tested to work properly. I suggest that you post a separate thread under Android sub-forum in order to get this debugged.

Android development plans
We have already begun migration to Android 4.3, but had to delay it in order to complete this last release which included critical features. We are now resuming to work on Android 4.3. I hope that I will be able to post planned schedule in the next couple of weeks.

Cooperation on further SW development
Any help with mainline kernel (or u-boot) or Android 4.3 would be highly welcome. I will discuss with our SW team how we can work together on that and follow-up next week.

Sorry if I missed things - this post got too long as it is :).
Please let me know in case there are additional points you would like to discuss in detail.

Best Regards,

Igor Vaisbein
Utilite Product Manager


Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:41 pm

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Post Re: New Android release available
I tried the new Android Release and here are my first results
-eth0 is working, use the connector in the middle of the device
-wifi is working
-boot time about 50 seconds from Transcend 4 GB micro sd card

Best Regards,
Peter Bauer

Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:28 pm
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Post Re: New Android release available
Wi-fi is not working.

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Fri May 18, 2018 8:44 am
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