About CompuLab

Introducing CompuLab

CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of innovative energy efficient computers. CompuLab product portfolio ranges from board level products such as CoM and SBC to complete systems.
Quality, usability and efficiency are our guidelines.

CompuLab products are embedded in Digital signage, telecommunication systems, automotive devices, gaming systems, medical devices, aerospace and marine systems, and countless other applications.

Product Highlights

  • Computer on Module, single board computers and miniature PCs
  • ARM and x86 processor architectures
  • Feature-rich computing products based on the latest technology
  • Compact size and high feature density
  • Extreme energy efficiency and low power consumption
  • Comprehensive software packages, drivers and support for major operating systems
  • Built with customisation in mind, all of CompuLab products can be tailored to the customer needs

With CompuLab solutions you can:

Focus on your core expertise – By partnering with CompuLab, you can focus resources on the difference that makes a difference to your target audience.

Leverage the latest computing technology – CompuLab strong relations with the leading CPU manufacturers enables it to bring on cutting edge technology as soon as it is announced.

Enjoy continues support – CompuLab puts great emphasise on technical support. The R&D team who designed the product supports it, ensuring knowledgeable answers and quick response.

Software is a key – We see software as the key factor of the product success. We are a proud contributor to the OSS community.In fact, CompuLab contributed more code than any other CoM manufacturer to the Linux kernel.

Reduce risks, resources and time-to-market – CompuLab solutions lower your risks by speeding your product development and reducing initial investments.

Simplify the product lifecycle – At CompuLab, we take care of the entire product life-cycle from design, to logistics manufacturing and ongoing support so you won’t have to.

Ensure availability & compatibility – CompuLab provides long term product life cycles by ensuring the availability of your specific product configuration and backward compatibility.

OEM capabilities and full custom solution – CompuLab believes in cooperation and has great experience designing custom solutions based on it’s wide product portfolio.

Company Facts

CompuLab began in 1992 as an engineering consulting company and has made a gradual transition to its own product design and manufacturing. Today CompuLab sells worldwide. Our products are used by international companies such as Sierra Nevada, General Dynamics, McDonalds and Roche.

CompuLab engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Yokneam, in the north of Israel. Sales and technical support are provided directly from the head office, and also through a network of business partners.

CompuLab design team has an excellent record in varied fields of hardware and software engineering. The company has proven itself as a reliable partner in delivering efficient and fast support tailored to customer requirements. Our background as both engineering consultants and board manufacturers provides a unique advantage — we are able to understand customer needs. Our engineers follow up the development process of customer products to ensure smooth integration into the customer application.

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